Exercise Michael Cowan and the Magic Circle

the beautiful walls the seekers stone the rosequartz the inspiration is with me. give me the world, doors Dorsey the dorris doranance prayer give shayna the aim the pitch write down 70 thousand words about Michael cowan and the magic circles give me tina tina tina jasmyn is going to write down 70 thousand words by Friday with good hands good eyes good eyes and good organs. great organs give me fififty five million give me two hundred million dollars give me a hundred million give me the inspiration. shayna perfect inspiration beshame adonai Dorsey dorrance dorris professor dorrance professor dorris professor adonai character development peerfcet development shayna give me the practice I need warm up warmup warm up Shayna the queen staccee brown , mary the Queen min tan weeney wen moodoodey, Cowan gwynn cowan win, shayana the aim the pitch the bunny give me a good bunny give me the best chilkdrens book in the world give me the best seller. perfect grammer, perfect practice, easter bunnies valentines day the master of the judement day give me seventy thousand award winning words for my story telling shayna perfect story telling, perfect story telling, perfect amount of words. good job, good story, the tarot venn diagrams good job, beautiful face Halloween Halloween Halloween, jello jello jello jelly beans jelly write down sten pages everyday for thirty days for a three hundred page magical


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